Artistic Statement

The creative process for me never makes sense, because it’s always supposed to change. Each story is different with a new set of characters, in a new place in time – or out of time, with a shitty set of circumstances – or deceptive luck. There are endless combinations of musings, moral keystones, gut feelings, and actions that can’t be taken back. Sometimes the best stories are never finished. And sometimes the most moving experience for someone sitting in a sadly light audience is the one where they’re allowed to become part of that story.

Most of my plays involve marvelous and/or horrific discovery, the malleable and
unforgiving nature of time, and people dealing with every day shit on top of that.
History is always present in my plays in some shape or form, because humanity can’t seem to stop repeating it. I often weave in elements of fantasy or the supernatural, because sometimes you need a ghost to remind you that you’re still breathing. And recently they’ve included making space for people to talk about reproductive health and all that comes with it, regardless of political affiliation – however gross, and especially when its uncomfortable because that’s where we’re at.

©Lauren Davenport, Philly. Acrylic Triptych.