Artistic Statement

I write plays that span centuries, invite participation, and (ideally) expand minds.
I look for the beauty in places and moments and relationships that draw people in.
Then, together, we unearth the joke, the truth, and the heart.
The world’s ugly. The world’s beautiful.
It’s always new, even when it’s bad.
Somehow it always ends up staying the same.
Somewhere, somewhen, that’s someone’s definition of good.
And someone else’s immediate feeling of dread.
My work lives in the dichotomy (the humanity) and dreams of the impossible (the divine; aka the unanswerable shit we’ve been trying to figure out since the dawn of time that everybody’s got a different answer for but nobody wants to agree on one thing which I think is kind of cool because collectively everyone’s ideas are better when you think of it like a decoupage collage – just don’t tell Christianity they’re way in the back where you can barely see them).
I write. I adapt. I monologue.
Sometimes there’s poetry.
Every time there’s a character.
And I aim to explore the big questions and thoughts and feelings we don’t know how to answer.

©Lauren Davenport, Philly. Acrylic Triptych.