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Full Length

TTC and all the other acronyms IDK (5W)

At a time when Lou is in desperate need of support, she finds a group of women who are all, at present, trying to conceive. Via monthly check-ins, they help each other navigate the absurdities, complexities, and deeper meaning behind conception, motherhood, and who your body belongs to.

Sandcastles (2W 4M)

When the Great Atlantic hurricane of 1944 passed over Cape May, New Jersey, it took more than the roof of Julie’s home. Ruby, a war journalist recently fired from her job in Philadelphia, comes down to help an old… friend. And Frankie loses his emotional mooring when a chance meeting with Erik elicits something other than hate.

Firefound (3W 3M)

Six strangers of the late eighteenth century hunt for their memories of how and why they came to be at the edge of the world. Their story, they come to realize, is not just one of tragedy but of humanity in every part. Audience interactive.

Viper, or The Caterina Sforza School of Not Giving a Flying Fuck (5W)

Namesakes can be a bitch to live with, let alone with whom to reckon our legacies. In her late years, Caterina Sforza confronts the accomplishments and failures of her legacy, including the women who shaped who she came to be. Then, an orphan comes to settle a debt with the former tiger of Forli, from the city Caterina lost to the Borgias.


Waking Dreams

A prisoner in her own vacation home, a young Mary Shelley treads the waters of inspiration and originality among the company of her lover, poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, and their literary colleague, Lord Byron. Eager for success and recognition, Mary underestimates the requirements of the journey toward the first fragment of one of the greatest novels of all time. Confronting personal demons is part of the bargain.

Pay Your Ferryman

Charon, the ferryman of Hades, is in desperate need of a break. You just happen to be next in line for passage into the Afterlife – your afterlife, to be exact. This is a short solo performance piece that uses the lens of the Ancient Greeks to consider the hardships of essential work. How you choose to compensate Charon for your own passage will determine where you end up.

Janet’s a Lady

Sea-sick and heart heavy with lingering grief, Janet Stewart – Lady Fleming, and governess to a young Mary, Queen of Scots – contemplates all the unladylike things that make a lady, and what awaits her in France. If they ever leave.

One Acts

The F Word (2W)

Mags comes home to her sick wife, Elise, after quitting another day job. Elise tries and fails to keep her online hobby a secret from Mags when she gets a surprise update years in the making. Mags reveals that Elise’s secret wasn’t so secret after all, and that she took advantage of Elise in one of the worst ways.

Votive (1W 1M)

In the middle of the night, a murderer enters a church looking for forgiveness and ends up granting absolution to someone forgotten by his country. Two children of two different points in Irish history converge along separate paths of grief to better understand their respective desires for blood and acceptance.

Shorts (5-10 minutes)

A Weight of Worlds (2W 2Any)

If you had the opportunity to meet the dueling forces behind your everyday decisions and actions, what would you say? More importantly, whose side would you choose if it were the last decision you ever had to make?

Short Stories (1W 1GQ)

Two friends meet at a coffee shop and exchange notes over drinks. They’re both aspiring writers with crazy schedules. And it’s been a while.

Persephone Dispersed (2W 1Any)

Alba has discovered a way to harness dark matter. Her partner, Ren, finds her late on the eve of Alba’s career-changing announcement more than a little drunk. An argument leads to revealing Alba’s true intentions behind her scientific discovery, and the truth ends up closer to the home the couple used to have.

Tumble (2Any)

An interrupted rooftop smoke, some star-gazing, and a trampoline bring two Halloween party-goers together.